Kids Cups USA
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Kids Cups - Quality, 12 oz. Restaurant Kids Cups - Stock Designs or Your Custom Design

Welcome to Kids Cups USA!

Full color, 12 oz plastic kids cups with lids and straws for restaurants, hotels and other businesses.  We specialize in high quality, unique souvenir cups that will help separate you from other restaurants.  You are different!

We offer four unique stock souvenir kids cup designs that are in inventory and ready to be shipped.  See the Stock Kids Cups page for examples and pricing. 

We also offer custom souvenir kids cups.  Custom designs enable you to advertise your restaurant/product, reinforce your brand or drive customers back to your place of business with a special promotion detailed on the cups.  See the Custom Kids Cups page for examples and pricing. 

Feel free to contact us at 262.623.6148 or via email at with any questions.

Manufactured in the U.S.A.





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